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Learning From Others

Feb 22, 2021

Coronavirus forced a new evolution in business, where everyone now knows the importance of video in online communication. So what if you could learn from the original expert that's been preaching the value of video since before the world changed in 2020?

Today's guest has done campaigns with legends like...

Feb 15, 2021


What if you could sell more... but without selling?

What if, instead, you focused on building relationships and those free relationships became your most profitable source of sales?

Today's guest talks about doing exactly that, and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Please welcome Joy Abdullah.

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Feb 8, 2021


As a business owner, what's your exit strategy? You likely got into business either for the money, the freedom, or because you're passionate about what you do.

What if that changes? What if it's time you decide you want to do something new?

There's a big difference between a 1x multiple, a 3x multiple, and a 5 or 10x...

Feb 1, 2021

20 years as a Navy SEAL Commander, today's guest is obsessed with what it takes to be the best and the cost of success.

That means discussing not only the benefits of striving hard for success, but the pitfalls. Listen to him share his stories of triumph and failures so that you can learn and grow...