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Learning From Others

Sep 7, 2020

Today's guest is famous for helping people get known and get paid for their area of expertise, even if they don't have a name for themselves.

She also speaks about how doing the "non-sexy" things in business can help you get ahead.

Please welcome Nancy Juetten.

  • 0:23 - Nancy Juetten's Background
  • 3:43 - How to be Proactive
  • 10:59 - Additional Responsibility
  • 13:48 - Being Prepared
  • 20:56 - Learning from the Expert
  • Contact Info

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Nancy Juetten thanks for joining, learning from others. How are you doing? I'm good. Thanks for having me. Good. You bet. So got a couple things we're going to talk about. Um, you have a, you will be the first of, on our show for your type of background, so that'll be nice to cover some new ground. Uh, but before we get into that, let's give the intro to our guests with question number one is what is your area of expertise and what are we going to learn about from you today?

I have one area of expertise that actually gets spread into two different buckets. I've been a worldwide expert in getting ready for all kinds of opportunity before it knocks one bucket is getting ready for media opportunities. So I can guide people to get known and get paid for their winning ways.

And the other is getting ready for real life before it hits the fan. And that's kind of what we're experiencing now. This COVID-19 fan demic. So I have two specific expertise that are woven together under that one big umbrella. Yeah. That'll be interesting to kind of talk about, um, the virus. I've kind of dodged it a little bit with guests because I'm sure they hear it everywhere, but I think your background is much more applicable, so it'll be, it'll be nice to kind of jump into that a little bit more, uh, before that though, number two, question.

What are you not so good at? Dave, some thoughts this, as I've been paying attention to your podcast, and I came up with three things that I suck at, as you like to say, Number one is anything that involves being cold and wet for an extended period of time. I grew up in Southern California and moved to Bellingham, Seattle area 20 some odd years ago and Oh boy, to be able to go anywhere without a sweaters.

Cause for celebration. Yeah. Okay. Well then what's the second one you got. Second one is, uh, I'm a dog lover my whole life, but I'm a horrible dog disciplinarian. I'm a horrible dog disciplinary. And if he's got bad, bad habits, I'm not going to yell and scream. I'm going to talk to the dog. Like it's a human being and encourage him to have better behavior.

So you're like the child that just wants the dog, but doesn't take the responsibilities that come with it. You know, we have a beautifully, well behaved dog, but. You know something about, you know, another theme in my life, this whole idea of raise your voice, make your impact, but make it be a good thing.

But raising your voice in anger or frustration, it's something that I grew up with that was really wounding to my. To my soul. So I, I really do it hard to yell and scream when, when the dog does something stupid, I just let's, let's laugh about it and deal with it, but I'm not gonna wrap the newspaper. I'm not going to scold him.

And if I'm dealing with a client, that's not getting it right. I'm not going to do that either. A little part of the dad and me just died.

Alright, that's good. If you need me to read the super small print in the instruction manual to assemble the weed whacker. Well, you've got. Uh, high hopes and high expectations. That's not happening. That's kind of fully assembled. Yeah. That's small print and, and the, the small motor skills. I just don't have the small motor skills.

Okay. All right. Good enough. Well, I appreciate the homework that you did on that. That's good. That's the first. Well, I think there's a lot of things we can talk about. Like you said, um, a lot of your skill sets are applicable to the current economic climate. Um, and I think that they'll, you know, I kind of want to talk about two things.

I think they'll, they'll interconnect, uh, you know, one is how do you help people kind of get ready and be proactive. And then to, uh, like with the whole virus issue going on right now, what, what action can people take? And, you know, maybe that's the same answer. So I'll kind of let you start there. Okay.

Well, let me start with a little story. Three years ago, three women in my life had their financial lives turned completely upside down by sudden and unexpected death diagnosis and divorce here. These women were living the life uncommon and in a matter of 24 hours, their big girl underpants are around their ankles instead of around their waist.

And they have no path forward to get in control of the rest of their lives. And I think we all know someone who has had some, nothing crazy happened where the world just turned on a diamond, everything changed in an instant. And when these three women in my life had that happen to them, it was like my wake up call.

And as funny as it works out, I'm married to a certified financial planner professional, and he's really good at organizing this sort of thing. And in a relationship, it just sort of happens that the person who has the genius does the work and the other person takes on other roles. But I basically said I'm Noah or comfortable being a passenger.

In this aspect of our life. What I really want for Christmas is a roadmap to show me how I can drive everything just in case something crazy should happen to you. And I need to be in the driver's seat. And as it turned out shortly after we created this beautiful tool to help people get compost, that problem life totally hit the fan for us personally.

And it was like a synchronistic. Solution. That was an answer to a prayer for us. And for so many people that are dealing with life, having hit the fan in a globally disruptive way. Yeah. It's actually really interesting. You say that because, um, my, a good friend of my wife's, uh, my wife's like have multiples here.

Good friend of my wife. Um, she had a young son who's now like, you know, nine or so, and. The, the, her child was only two or three months old when her fiance died in a car wreck. And she's told us the story many times about how like, It took her years. Cause she like you, you had a really good analogy being in the driver or, you know, not being in the driver's seat.

And she said, I had no idea where to start. He took care of all our bills. He took care of all of our finances, all of our savings and to make it worse, like the month before they dropped his life insurance policy to save on money. So she was starting at ground zero with no roadmap, as you say at all. And then that kind of opened up my wife's eyes and she's kind of said.

If that happens to us, I have no idea. So she isn't as proactive as you. And so I added the layer where all the estate planning is done and there's an instruction book, but that's, as far as she's going to get well, I'm, I'm so sorry that that happened to your friend. And I'm glad that it. Also served as a wake up call for you and your wife to have these important conversations because you're young people, you've accomplished amazing success.

And what I've discovered over the last several years that we've been waving the flag for this, get ready for your. Next grid moment revolution is that people do invest considerably in their success. They build systems, they set a dream board in motion. They put things on the list that they want to accomplish and achieve, but then when you ask them, Hey, if you ever thought about.

Ensuring that $30,000 diamond ring on your homeowners policy. Oh yeah. I'll get around to that. I'm too busy. Glamming it up with all my friends. I'll get to that some point. Well, that's cold comfort. When you go to trader Joe's to buy fresh flowers one day and somehow between the time that you bought the flowers and you got the car, your three carat diamond ring has disappeared and you can't find it anywhere.

When I'm talking about, and the kind of the flag that I wave is I'm not talking about death. It's going to happen to all of us. We can't get out of here alive, but there's crazy random that happens to us every single day that can't be anticipated. And if you can't get in the car and drive. You could be in a situation where you're spending more money on the wrong solution or you're so emotional in the situation that you can't do the right thing.

And if there isn't one more thing that I might say that I have sucked at in previous decades is when my husband's been ill and I've had to take care of. Some crisis. I have anxiety. I mean, it'd be able to do the right thing for my husband when he needs me to be there for him instead of being hyperventilating and not being able to function.

And so for me, having my ducks in a row gives me an extra layer of confidence that I can handle anything no matter what happens tomorrow. And I think given what we've been shown over the last several months, There's a lot more productive things we can be doing with our shelter in place time, then organizing our socks and unmentionables by color and style.

If we could just spend 20 minutes a day doing something specific and terrific, that would actually help us in the clutch moments. I think we'll have something to celebrate when it really, really matters. Yeah. And a lot of these things, I mean, I know you're just kind of giving random examples. Like the, the ring, you know, my wife's, my wife's ring is insured under our homeowners insurance policy and it's not that big of a deal you've sent in the appraisal and it's like, Pennies on the thousands of dollars.

It's not that expensive and it's not inconvenient and it's quick. And then it's just dumb. Well, you, you would be surprised. Um, here's another little, not so random thing. Twice in 15 years, our home was burglarized while we were out of town. And it's really a violating experience to have that happen in your family.

If this is where you raise your family, it's where you make your memories. And if someone comes in and go shopping for everything that you've worked so hard to achieve and violates your personal space, I can really get over that. But the other thing that's challenging is when they take the. The top drawer of your closet, organize it.

Yeah. It has every piece of jewelry that you've ever received for every important occasion of your life. And they drive away with that item in your car. I mean, if the truth is stranger than fiction, I mean, these things really have happened to me. And so with regard to having the jewelry, this is a nitty gritty thing, but yes, you probably have your wedding ring and your engagement ring and.

Your mother's favorite broach insured on your, on your homeowner's policy. Right? But all that fashion jewelry that your wife has been accumulating, the Swarovski crystals and all the beautiful things. She's probably spent thousands of dollars on that, too. And if your insurance document, doesn't say wedding rings and other assorted fashion jewelry.

Then when you try to get dressed the next day after these thieves have cleaned you out, you have not a single pair of earrings to put in your naked ear lobes, and you feel completely undressed. I bet. When you, when you were talking about how, when in times where you, you have to. Take on some additional responsibility when your husband is sick or whatever's going on and you say you get anxiety.

Is that because that's just the way you are in the scope of that type of thing, or you feel under pressure because her husband delivers so well on those. I think it's both, I mean, I mean, I love my husband. We've been together my entire adult life and we, and we met when I was 21 years old. And as we were talking in the green room before I went to a job interview, I said, how do you do mr.

And he says, I'm mr. Jetton like button. And it was like, Oh my goodness, like here we are. 33 years later, happily married the parent of a 23 year old son. Today is his birthday. We've had a beautiful life, but if anything were to happen to him, I mean, he's the love of my life. Anyone would feel anxious or scared about what would happen if, and then when you add to it, what if I can't find what I need when I need it.

Like, for example, last December at 1145 night on a Saturday, I walked up the stairs to say goodnight, and he was standing at the door. Counter in the bathroom in excruciating pain, his arm wouldn't function. His head was splitting with pain and his left side was gone Slack on his face. And he said, I think I'm having a stroke.

Can you please take me to the hospital? Okay, well, let me help. My six foot two, 200 and something pound husband down a flight of stairs into a car, into a new city where we moved because of that home burglary finding my way to the emergency room and what I was happy about. If there was a moment to be happy about anything, I had a social security card.

I had his list of medications just in case the doctor were to ask about them. I had his, everything that he needed identification because in a stroke scenario, if you do not know the medications that you're. Loved one is taking it slows down the doctor's process and being able to provide the rapid treatment that could reverse what could be a cataclysmic catastrophic situation.

Fortunately, I had the confidence that I had it nailed. I held my breath. I took him to the hospital. We took care of it. He was in the intensive care for 36 hours and then he came home and he's fine. And it's like, how's that for dodging a bullet. But if you don't have your medications figured out. And your partner doesn't know what they are that could slow down life, saving time, saving medical treatment that could really make the difference in that moment.

Yeah. So how do people, let's start talking about kind of your area of expertise on doing these things about, you know, getting ready and, and probably even more so beyond just the personal space, but entrepreneurs and business owners, you know, how do people get proactive in. Being prepared. And let's kind of use that as a segue into the kind of the positive side of things, of being prepared.

So let's go from here's how you protect yourself and be prepared. And then with those assets, now you can leverage, you know, growth or business opportunities. Okay. Well, here's where I'll, I'll do a little pivot. The first business I created was all about getting ready for media opportunity before it knocked.

Okay. And I was, I was able to leapfrog over other experts with much bigger names because I was prepared. I had interview questions prepared in advance. My photo was ready. My, my bio was ready and I had listened to the person's show two or three times. So I could rise up to meet their awesome energy. I had learned how to do those things so well that I leapfrog other other experts who were far.

More successful or better known to establish a big name for myself as the bye-bye boring bio expert, who helps people get ready for big opportunity. Okay. And turned into a multiple six figure business that still operates today, serving people who want to be ready for these kinds of opportunities. And given what we're dealing with with this global pandemic speaking virtually on podcasts, radio shows.

Zoom connection calls. This is the way people can take control of their destiny to grow their business, grow their influence, grow their impact and make their difference in the world and have their legacies be alive today. So that's really positive and very exciting. Getting ready for that kind of opportunity pays off for everyone no matter where you, where you start.

So getting ready for real life. How is that helpful to help you grow your business? If you have been a victim of identity theft, you're going to spend hours and hours trying to rebuild your life. That's going to take your eye off the ball and not be able to grow your business. So getting your personal credit cards and access numbers and all those kinds of details squared away means that if you were one of the three out of four people, The world whose identity is taken, you're not going to waste time chasing details that you already squared away ahead of time.

Um, I think that the life saving and the time saving aspect of getting your act together is a point of peace of mind and empowerment that every business owner can take on. As it, as a gift, they give themselves in their family and their business partners. And. If you are the kind of business owner, like a financial advisor, an estate planning attorney, a banker, or someone who has an intimate relationship with clients whose money is a big part of what you talk about.

What we do can be a co-branded licensed system. You can add to your suite of services to fill a gap. That's not met by what you do now. Right now, that could be an incredible loyalty building tool that brings your clients closer to you and to be stickier to you in the best and the worst of times. And really when times are tough.

That is when financial advisors and estate planning attorneys and bankers earn their greatest value. So what additional value can they add to their important client base that people will stay with them? In the best and the worst of times, that is one of the best ways that our system can be used by specific kinds of professionals to grow their business, create loyalty, create stickiness, and also ignite important conversations between the parties so that they don't have their head in the stand because that's a horribly disempowering place to stand.

So it sounds like you largely work B to B more so than B directly to individual C and an individual consumer. That's what the dream is, and I'll be very candid. The consent we've sold hundreds of our system. It's called life goes on roadmap. We've Holt. We've sold hundreds of our systems to families across the country over the last two years, all to rave reviews, not a single request for refund and that's remarkable, but person to person, family, to family, it's pretty hard to grow a very.

Lucrative business. So we see our greater opportunity is with the licensing and we have had a dozen or so estate planning, attorneys, accountants, financial, yeah, planners, test out out and prove our system is delivering the value that we promise. And so right now there's a leading national bank that has.

Preliminarily agreed to bring our system to their clients from coast to coast. And we're just waiting for the green light so that this thing can move full steam ahead. And that kill, that will be a game changer for us and allow us to have that additional credibility so that other organizations will join in with us too.

Yeah, that'll be exciting to see the type of reach that you can get on, on B2B. So it sounds largely like the, the, the, the way, you know, from, from the position of this topic, the way that somebody can grow is just by avoiding distractions. And like you said, getting their ducks in a row. So, so let's. Which isn't which isn't super sexy.

So the boy, Oh boy, you know, that's, that's the hardest part. I mean, I've listened to a lot of your podcasts and some of your guests have, you know, millions and millions of dollars, billions and millions of dollars. And I'm, I'm in a different bucket, but I've got a really big flag. I'm waiting for a revolution that I think is so crucial for families everywhere.

And I think that. It's going to, it's a spark that will turn into a flame and I'm just not sure exactly what the timing is. And I don't necessarily control that. Yeah, no, I totally get it. I've realized over the years that I'm, I'm kind of the odd ball in many ways where like all these things that we've talked about.

I just did, like, I didn't have, um, you know, a break in that that made me look at something differently or a trauma with, you know, somebody in my life passing away. And so all of this is, is. Very common sense to me. Um, over the years I've realized, okay, I'm the weirdo and, and it does need to be brought to the masses more.

So I totally get it. And you know what, I actually kind of related, um, you know, we were talking about SEL before we jumped on and it's you saying it's not sexy. And it's like the same thing with SEL, like. SEO. Isn't sexy, like the first, the first word in my introduction, but my first sentence is let's be honest, a book about SEO doesn't sound like the sexiest topic.

That's my first sentence in my book. So what I relate this to like is, is SEO because you have kind of two buckets. The first bucket is largely what you're saying is be proactive and that's like, make sure your website does all this boring stuff and loads quickly and is mobile friendly. But. All the sexy stuff is, is after that, but you can't do all that sexy stuff until you do the boring stuff first.

And so it makes a lot of sense where you got to do the non-sexy stuff, get your ducks in a row, then you can go blow up and do all these other cool things without having, you know, having that safety net behind you. So it makes a lot of sense. Well, you're just my perfect ideal client. And that sort of brings me to another kind of fun, little sound bite or statistic.

It's 60% of United households in America do not have I have a current, well, that means 40%. Some of them do so those of us who've started businesses that appeal to people that are in a smaller segment already. I mean, we're talking to 40%. The people that are really tuned into this, that means 60% of them are not.

And some of those 60% of the people that don't have a well, they've got plenty of assets. Look at prints, look at a, read the Franklin, look at, you know, celebrities that know that they've got a short runway and they still don't get their acts together. Like I just scratch my head, but for the people who read consumer reports to make sure that they buy the perfect car, the perfect washing machine, the perfect.

Weed Wacker, if you will, these are the people that are probably gonna, would be better candidates for our system because they care enough. About their family to do the very best for them. Speaking of which Mark family would probably really care about our system because their family is everything to them and they don't want to leave a big fat mess for any of them to clean up.

And so it's sort of interesting when you choose a niche audience, because with SEO, Literally literally small businesses and big businesses can benefit from it and benefit really big because of it. And every family can benefit from our system, but some are just devil may care, jump out of a airplane and who cares, what happens next kind of people.

And there is absolutely nothing I can do to change that person's behavior to get them to spend 20 minutes a day over 16 days, filling out. One of 16 different sections. That will be a roadmap that will be a godsend when it really counts. Yeah. I'm really surprised that the statistics, even that high, that 60% of people have wills or some sort of a state or planning, um, you know, the, there was one.

A celebrity Snoop dog who is famous for saying, um, in some interview they asked him, you know what what's do you have your will? And he's like, no, I'll just let my family figure it out. And I'm just like, Oh man, like, even at that, like, okay, let's say you don't want to get your state in a row. And let's say you don't care where your things go.

The part that boggles my mind is seeing. The fights that come with it, like, wouldn't you just want to at least prevent, prevent the fights, like sure. Yeah. Who cares where your stuff goes, but just prevent the fights? Well, absolutely drama, trauma and chaos, not my favorite recipe, not my favorite cocktail.

But earlier in the conversation we had, you made some comment about your wife and you've said there could be plural lives and you were joking. I know that. Yeah, but it does bring up an important point. That's useful for people who might be paying attention in today's modern family. There are situations where not everybody's married to the same spouse forever more.

Sometimes they have one, two, three spouses. Sometimes they have multiple children from various partnerships that creates a lot of. Complications that are challenging for anybody to contend with. And so a practical tactical thing is to make sure if that's your situation, check your beneficiary designations on your important assets to make sure that if you did remarry that wife number three, really does get to inherit all of the wins that you've stirred up, because if the.

It ultimately hits the fan and we're sitting at the will of the reading and it turns out that wife number two gets everything because someone forgot to update. That's a bitter surprise. Yeah. That's a bitter surprise. I know for myself, I have a 23 year old son. His birthday is today, but when my husband and I got married, as soon as we came home from the hospital, excuse me, from the honeymoon, there was a life insurance guy sitting in the dining room asking me how much money I thought I would need in order to function.

Just in case my husband should predecease me. And I remember thinking we just got home from our honeymoon, had the best time ever. You're asking me this, like now, like timing, really? So I designate it. My husband is my beneficiary and my sister is the secondary and we didn't have any children, so it didn't matter.

But when we moved to the new home, you have to tell all your vendors. That you've moved. And it's a great opportunity. If you have moved to double check to make sure that, Oh, gee, it was 25 years ago. The last time we updated that and now we have three kids, let's make sure we add the name so they don't get written out and all about just like you change the smoke detector and your.

Fire alarm to make sure the house doesn't burn down once a quarter, go through your roadmap and make sure everything is up to date and current, just in case something random or crazy should change everything in an instant. So did your husband, uh, coordinate this, the life insurance guy? That showed up after your honeymoon, it was like go to our guy.

No, he's one of those kinds of people. He's a certified financial planner and he cares about his wife and his family. And he just, it's one of his love languages to make sure that we're taken care of, you know, so it's like acts of service and making sure those details are tended to is one of the ways he shows how much he cares.

And, you know, not I'm lucky that way. And it sounds like your wife is lucky that way too. And get, there are some people that are married to people that just won't talk about this stuff, or they're keeping secrets from the other. This one will get yet someone I know married to a craftsman who was a cabinet maker.

She was a school teacher. They had two kids, young people living life uncommon. His mom died. He got depressed, kept going to his workroom to do his cabinetry. They saw, they thought, but turns out he was going. We don't know where he was going, but he wasn't making any money and he wasn't paying his taxes and he wasn't being a responsible adult.

And this went on for quite some time. Imagine the surprise of this young woman. Who got a visit from a tax collector at her school and making demands for large sums of money that were doing taxes that he never paid. Yeah. There are people that don't, that are keeping secrets, uh, drug problems, extra children, extra relationships.

It's. Some IRS agent wrote to me and said, everything's fine and dandy until it's not. And if you've got all this money and you're living this great life and you never have to look twice because you've always got enough for now, all of that, you don't really want to look too closely because you're having too much fun.

But when the whole thing changes in an instant, because crazy thing happened that you could never have imagined. Well, you share, do you want to have enough of a runway for the rest of your life to recover? What if you were 75, we're older and thousands and thousands. The dollars had been diverted from your important accounts and you were older and not as capable and not as able to recover.

That would be a tragedy. So head in the sand, not a powerful place to stand. That's my rallying cry. Yeah. You know, we had, um, one guest, her name is Karen Ford. I'm looking at her up now. She had, um, what was interesting about you talking about how like things come out and surprises? Um, she does financial planning and she had, she was talking about how.

She brought some clients, you know, husband and wife, and, and say, okay, you know, bring me your accounts and your debts. And let's look at it and, and bought the house. I feel like I'm super happy. So come to find out, I'm reading the little, little statistic here. Um, the couples had nearly $800,000 in combined debt and they were approaching a hundred credit cards, total.

Oh, Oh. That's sent shivers up my spine. They, I think they call that financial infidelity. There's a word for financial infidelity and it's like,

that's how do they, I'm just, I'm just taking a breath. Condolence since these people. Well, so let's, let's talk a little bit about, okay. Um, you know, you had talked about how part of your expertise is helping people leverage or build a name, just like you said, you'll leapfrog over people. So maybe let's talk a little bit about that.

Like what are opportunities where people can get exposure, especially if they're, like you said, maybe they don't necessarily have a name, but they can start to build it. Well, Given the shelter in place order, I've been giving a lot of focus to this in my conversations with people. You can start a YouTube channel.

I always say to people, if you want to speak more, don't wait for an invitation. You can start speaking more starting today. You can use Facebook live. You can use be You can create a YouTube channel. And share how to information that can be very specific, terrific, and SEO optimized so that people can find you quickly and be engaged in your content.

You can show up on zoom connection calls and find out that there are speaking opportunities to serve those groups. And you can raise your hand and ask to be the next speaker that gets invited to share your content. With that group, you can go to Toastmasters and practice your speaking skills to make sure that you don't or, and.

Just to disappoint your audience with too much what I call verbal punctuation. Um, uh, so you know, so many times I listened to really quality experts on podcasts and have their guests show up. With that kind of poor verbal punctuation. And I click away right. In a way, because it doesn't, it's not music to my ears and it's not music to most other people's ears either.

So if you want to be speaking in this way and you want to be showing up in this way, couple things that you can do on a, how to basis. Number one is create a sizzling speaker sheet that speaks to who you are, what you speak about and why it's intoxicating. For a particular niche audience and put your photo on it and your contact information.

And if you're excited about being on a podcast or a broadcast or a news program, See here and celebrate the program first so that you know, who are the post is and what they care about and what they value so that you can rise up to meet their energy and add value for their broadcast that hasn't been shared before.

When you reach out to a podcast host and you show something that might be new and different, that they haven't covered before, and you make a point about why this could be a value now more than ever, you show the host that. You're paying attention and the host will likely honor you with an invitation to share your message.

But if you do a spray and pray, Hey, I love your podcast. We'd love to be on your show. I've got this book. I want to Hawk and I can't wait for everybody to, I don't know. Let me ask you. Do you get some quotes, some inquiries like that, and what's your response? I do. Yeah. Um, I, you build a sixth sense. So it's funny cause I was just skimming through them today.

But as we were talking before we hit record, I've been just super busy, which is a great problem. And so I've kind of neglected my, um, my, my podcast email inbox, and I see the count there, which I know nine out of 10 are gonna be pitches. And so I just kind of skim through them this morning and it's just like, it's just like banner blindness with ads.

Like I just. I don't even have to read it. I can, I can just absorb the format of it and tell it's a pitch. And I just hit delete. So what kind of pitches excite you? Let's let's talk about that. That would be interesting. So probably two things are what are going to catch me where I'll at least give it a read.

So the first thing is not excessively formatted where I know it's just a copy and paste because it's perfectly structured paragraphs. And then there's a perfectly bolded signature with the perfectly attached to everything. Um, so if, if I. If it looks like it was manually typed, then that's going to help a little bit.

Now I can understand the necessity to scale your outreach. So I don't completely ignore all of them, but if it looks like at least some effort, like maybe the first sentence is, Hey, Damon, my name or something, or instead of like, hi there, or a hello podcast, guests. I mean, that's probably those two things, you know, one that it doesn't look totally.

Templated and then to elite and they overlap quite a bit, but you know, at least some effort of something to say that they looked at a previous guest or know my name or just anything at all. You know, I'm really glad to hear you say that. You know, one of my deepest wounds in life is that I was not seen, heard or celebrated much in my own family.

I know what it's like to feel invisible and unseen, and it's painful, especially if you've got something to say. And so over the years, as I've worked with clients who want to step up to a bigger stage and get known and get paid for their expertise, I know that they have a deep wound or they must have some kind of a desire to be seen, heard, and celebrated too.

And the best way to be seen, heard and celebrated yourself is to make sure that you see here and celebrate the influencer has. Who's the gatekeeper who can open the door. I remember hearing one broadcaster who was really hardworking 25 year anchor on the news in Seattle. And she said in a keynote one day, she really.

Bristles when she gets these emails that say, I never watched the news, but you should have me on your program. Yeah. Sign me up. Oil boy, run Forrest run in the opposite direction. I mean, have a little respect for what it takes to create an excellent broadcast. See here and celebrate the host. Take a personal approach, create a real relationship.

See how you can add value, have a real conversation. And. Deliver what you promised and who knows what good will come from it as a result. Usually it's good. Yeah. And I think that applies to a lot of things. I've talked frequently about the value in social proof and just giving away free, you know, advice, content, expertise, whatever it is.

And, and aside from referrals, you know, here we are my company being in a marketing agency and we never spent money on. Marketing ourselves. It's largely referrals because we drive results. But then the second runner up is just social proof. Like I get on LinkedIn, I give away free advice. I don't expect anything in return.

And the key is like, not expecting anything in return, which sounds counterintuitive. But the reason why it works is because you come across more authentic, which establishes trust, which brings down the sales walls, which makes it all work. I call that lead with a giving hand. Yeah. I love to lead with a giving hand and, and exceed people's expectations for value and let that be a magnet to bring the right people back to me who, who feel called to do so, you know, and I think when you get to be on a panel, speaking of those who are watching or listening who want to be on yours, When you get the opportunity to speak with someone in the conversation for an hour or so, and go back and forth as we are, and having the fun that we're having, people who are listening, get a sense of who these people are and whether or not they have any, no like trust built building.

And if they want to take another step and if there's value delivered, give generously with a giving hand, usually you end up holding the greater bounty when. The long game is done. Yeah. Yeah. And there's so many other, uh, unexpected benefits that come along. There's, there's been a couple, you know, one guests in particular who I've become pretty good friends with virtually, you know, we, we send messages on a daily basis now, and then there's been other guests where I've sent them as referrals.

Two other guests and that's worked out. And so there's all these other things that if you don't come in at selfishly, you'll, you'll be rewarded. Um, and so you get what you want anyway, but you get it in a win-win format. Yes. I, I find the whole thing really intoxicating, to be honest with you. And I'll tell you one other fun little story that is very memorable and speaks to what we're talking about here.

I did grow up in a household where I was not really paid much attention to and. My dad was an entertainer and has a name that you'd probably know and was pretty famous. So the way you managed to navigate a household like that is to fade into the wallpaper so that person can be the star. And when I was nine years old, there was this commercial on television about.

This owl claiming that he knew how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. And I remember at nine years old, I thought I'm going to figure that out. Wow. And so I actually did an experiment and figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. And then I wrote a letter to the president.

Company. And I said, I just want you to know that I've done this experiment and I've determined that it takes this many likes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop yours. Very truly. I think I wrote it in a purple crayon, but I was writing a letter with a message that I thought he would want to hear, let him know that I was paying attention.

And I had the sense of expectation that something awesome was going to happen. And what do you know, a few weeks later, I get this gilded certificate in the mail and it says very few people on earth, know how many likes it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. This certificate belongs to one of the few who do congratulations, you know, but at nine years old, what did I learn from that?

See here and celebrate big company, have the courage to reach out to the person in charge. Maybe something awesome will happen. That's beyond your expectation. And maybe that will set you on a path to do brilliant work for them, for others who want that same thing. So that's how writing for results. And helping people to get known and, you know, growing up in the shadow of a person who needed to be the star, I totally get what it is to work with people who want their star to rise.

And I know how to help that happen. And I know how meaningful it is to them because I've experienced it myself. So the same thing happens with the life, goes on roadmap, knowing how empowered I feel and knowing how good I am. Feel knowing that I can do anything no matter what. That just allows me to plan the rest of my life with more confidence.

I can see more Epic adventure still to come. Then I will not be fettered by things that I don't know, it's everything that I do know and how well I use what I know to make an impact for my family, for my business and for everything that I care about. So. Both of the things that I've done in my life, getting known and helping people to get known, to get paid and help people get ready for life before life happens.

It's just a big umbrella of readiness for the big opportunities that we all want. And I think that has definitely paid off for me in so many ways that I want everyone else to have the same benefit. Yeah, well, it's like you said, it's intoxicating and you kind of want others to, to, to absorb that as well.

So, well, Nancy, Jo, and you've been a pleasure. Um, I want to give you the last few moments to put out your contact information and let our listeners find out how they can learn more about ya. Well, thank you so much. If you would like to download the, get your act together, getting started templates so you can start the scavenger hunt to get your act together before something random or crazy can stop you.

Let me make it easy for you. Go to It's as simple as that. And if you feel called to make your bio brilliant for client attraction and you want to start right now, you can go to and a brilliant template will come to your inbox and it will change the game for how you show up and share your message with the people who need to know.

So they will be glad to invest in you. Perfect. And we'll put those in the show notes. And the last thing is. Don't leave us hanging. How many licks does it take? That's another story I tell people. I know how many likes it takes, and I'll never tell that's why you can tell me your secrets and have confidence that they're safe with me.

I use that in my PR business for years, but you can check with Google and Siri or Siri, and she will tell you, she will tell you, but I won't. Alright. Uh, Nancy Juetten been a pleasure. Thanks for jumping on learning from others. Thank you. Thanks for having me.