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Learning From Others

Dec 11, 2018

International Entrepreneur, Jad Mawlawi, from He's focused on human-human marketing interaction and endorsements and he talks about how his diverse background from living in Lebanon, Canada and UK, as well as working in tech and oil industry provided him a unique opportunity to see how understanding culture helps improve communication with the people he works with. He also provides 10 specific amazing pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Please welcome, Jad Mawlawi

00:01:00 - Introduction and human-human interaction
00:03:39 - How he works with a client
00:06:48 - Quality of Connectivity and Social Media Impact
00:10:33 - Traveling with a purpose
00:14:50 - Background, experience and how he got into the industry
00:19:00 - Business Theories and Influences
00:21:05 - Growing as an entrepreneur
00:25:55 - Hobbies outside of business
00:30:07 - Managing your energy
00:32:24 - Random Question Generator: What is the first thing you do in the morning?